We’ve scheduled a conference call for this Friday, April 5. Read on for more information.

This call’s topics:

  1. How to Teach Subtracting Integers with Larry Martinek
  2. The New Parent Pack with David Peddie, Head of Marketing

Date: Friday, April 5, 2012
Time: 9:15 am Pacific Time
Phone: 1-605-475-5950
Access Code: 31416

More details: All listeners will be muted during the call. Even though the recorded message may ask you to announce yourself when you get connected, please stay muted so we can expedite the call and get started on time. We’ve done this to avoid the interruptions of noises at the centers, phones ringing, traffic noise, etc.

On this call, Larry will discuss several ways to approach teaching subtracting integers. By knowing multiple methods, Instructors can truly teach students in a way that “makes sense to them.”

Then, David Peddie will talk about the release of two improved Mathnasium promotional materials, the Parent Pack and the Tri-fold. He will discuss the creation of both products and why an update was needed. David will conclude by sharing how to use both pieces successfully for increased lead generation and lead conversion.

Please download and review the following documents and have them available during the call:

The call will be hosted by Gregory Herman and recorded for those of you unable to participate live, and will be posted on Mathnasium Matters by Monday, April 8.