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Quick Q & A With Peter Markovitz: “Must Do” List

Editor’s note: From time to time, we’ll publish brief questions and answers posed to Peter (PM) by franchisees (F).

F: What is the “must do” list for becoming a top performer?

PM: See the list below — 8 Critical Success Factors. This distillation is recent. But the content was refined over time using knowledge culled from top performers. All franchisees are invited to suggest further changes or additions. Tell us how we could improve the list. Your suggestions can be subtle (a word change) or substantial (a concept change). We welcome all feedback.

  1. Every student must have appropriate materials in front of him/her all the time; customized based on proper assessment.
  2. Instructors must give the right explanations. They must make instruction interesting and engaging—ensuring every student gets the attention and encouragement he/she needs.
  3. Continuous, high quality, interaction with parents — a real relationship — from understanding sensibilities to setting goals to meaningful updates — written and verbal.
  4. Hire — and keep — only the most exceptional instructors. Individuals who are great at explaining, great with kids, passionate about math and becoming master instructors. Your task is to continually train and manage them to become master instructors who are happy and fulfilled.
  5. Generate enough leads per month with a consistent, seasonally adjusted marketing program where you are making the proper investments of time and money, in order to enroll at least 8 students each month.
  6. Make sure at least one in three leads becomes a member by treating every lead like the precious commodity it is: arranging for calls to be answered live; relentlessly following up; presenting on the phone and in-center with high professionalism.
  7. Keep your center looking clean, impressive, interesting, and new.
  8. Systematically manage time and responsibilities to get administrative tasks — and everything else — done at the right time in the right way.

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1 Comment To "Quick Q & A With Peter Markovitz: “Must Do” List"

#1 Comment By James Temple On July 26, 2011 @ 8:36 am

This is a good list for top line success (revenue) but there is more to be done to obtain bottom line success (net income). Maybe we just need an addition item that speaks to cost efficiency.