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Conference Call this Friday: Meeting the Needs of Very Bright, Younger Students; and The Initial Conversation: Helping Parents Understand the Mathnasium Program

We’ve scheduled a conference call for this Friday, August 19. Read on for more information.

This call’s topics:

  1. Meeting the Needs of Very Bright, Younger Students with Larry Martinek and Dave Peddie, Mathnasium of Lake Forest, CA
  2. The Initial Conversation: Helping Parents Understand the Mathnasium Program with Melanie Staus, Mathnasium of West Roswell, GA and Jeff Pudewell, Mathnasium of Folsom & El Dorado Hills, CA

Date: Friday, August 19, 2011
Time: 9:15 am Pacific Time
Phone #: (213) 289-0500
Access Code: 31416

More details: All listeners will be muted during the call. Even though the recorded message may ask you to announce yourself when you get connected, please stay muted so we can expedite the call and get started on time. We’ve done this to avoid the interruptions of noises at the centers, phones ringing, traffic noise, etc.

On this call, Larry and Dave Peddie (Lake Forest, CA) will talk about what are appropriate materials and teaching strategies to use at different stages of development, and how they can help reduce the potential for ‘burn out’ and ‘boredom’ as students advance through the grades.

Next, Melanie Staus (West Roswell, GA) will provide some helpful hints for educating parents and students about the Mathnasium program. Additionally, she will address some of questions that she is frequently asked by franchisees.

Then Jeff Pudewell (Folsom & El Dorado Hills, CA) will talk about how he sets instructional priorities and objectives, and share how he explains ‘the Mathnasium Hour’ to parents.

Please download and review the following documents and have them available during the call:
Pudewell-Call Outline [1], Staus-Call Outline [2], and The Mathnasium Hour_example sign off sheet [3].

The call will be hosted by Lisa Eastwood and recorded for those of you unable to participate live, and will be posted on Mathnasium Matters and on the FTP site by Monday, August 22.