At last year’s convention, we spoke about moving our company to the next phase – Phase Two – in our franchise system development. It is no longer useful to operate as we had in our early years, where fewer people wore multiple hats (i.e. performing multiple functions).  Phase Two is designed to slowly adapt the disciplines and tactics of larger franchise organizations with a view to helping franchisees to continue to aggressively build their revenue and profitability. To do this, we need to move away from an HR requirement of Phase One. Now we need HQ Team Members to “own” more defined, limited, and focused areas. This way we can give them greater ownership and – also discussed at the convention – greater accountability.

This is why you’re seeing many new hires at Mathnasium. 18 in the last 12 months! For example, we’ve started hiring regional managers as a long term plan to begin to provide more proactive support to clusters of franchisees, versus reactive support to all franchisees. And in the General Business area of the Operations Systems Development function, we’ve hired one person to specialize in advancing systems that are not in the Marketing and Education areas (e.g. insurance, background checks, billing, etc.). And we’ve just hired two new people in technology – one in franchisee support and one in HQ support – so that one person can focus on (and “own”) M2 development. Team members have been added to the Marketing and Education Departments as well, to meet the needs of our growing franchise system.

Of course there have been – and with increasing accountability, will continue to be – resignations and even terminations. These have been few, and include opportunities that former team members were able to leverage because of their time with Mathnasium. The good news is that we are getting the “right people on the bus”… having THE RIGHT PEOPLE in THE RIGHT SEATS is a requirement for great success according to many experts, like business guru Jim Collins (author of Good to Great).

Our goal is to create a dream team to help take the Mathnasium franchise into the future. This dream team will build and provide the systems, tools, and support that you, our franchisees, need to achieve your business goals. Your success will, in turn, allow us to achieve our business goals, and together we can help children around the world achieve their goals – in math and in life!

A note from our Support Team: To tap into all of these new resources, you don’t need to keep track of who all these new people are. The same support resources that are currently available to you will continue to be there, and those resources will tap into this growing dream team as needed. Refer to this article for how to get answers to your questions.

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