I wanted to wish everyone in the Mathnasium community a very happy Thanksgiving.

It is hard for immigrants, like myself, to assume the holidays of their adoptive country. But in speaking to other immigrants, I’ve noticed that we all have no difficulty with the observance of Thanksgiving—and it is not just the turkey! Every country should have a holiday to give thanks. And who should be more grateful than those who have the privilege of living in the United States? Here there is great freedom. There is also great opportunity—like our grand collaboration on the ideas, values and promise of Mathnasium. There is also in the United States an acceptance, even an embrace, of immigrants (rare in other countries). For this, I’d like to take a moment to thank America. By “America” I mean of course Americans. America is her people and their ideals. There are many immigrants to the US in the Mathnasium community. I know I speak not only for myself, but also for them, in expressing gratitude to those who were born here—those whose forebears made great sacrifices to preserve American ideals. Thank you for having us.