These four insightful articles provide thinking points from multiple angles regarding the state of math education today. I encourage you to read these articles, share them with your staff during training sessions, and keep these issues in mind as you encounter and work with students at your centers.

‘Honors’ math classes often don’t add up: This article from USA Today looks beyond the “honors” label, discussing the level of math that students in these classes are learning.

Download here: ‘Honors’ Math Classes Often Don’t Add Up

Why our kids hate math: Patrick Welsh’s op-ed from USA Today discusses the all-too-familiar “algebra too soon” situation, school administrators’ tendency to push students into the next grade level despite students’ inability to master prerequisite skills, and the resulting negative sentiments about math common among today’s youth. (Check out the comments for a diverse range of perspectives on this issue.)

Download here: Why our kids hate math

How are our children doing in math? & There is more than one way to solve a problem: According to recent studies, US students in fourth and eighth grades perform well in math, compared with their international counterparts. Yet, data shows a sharp decline among US students when they enter high school. These articles cover neuropsychologist Dr. Steven Feifer’s findings regarding possible reasons for this decline in performance and math anxiety in general.

While we don’t support all the comments made in these articles, Mathnasium does strongly support Farber’s recommendation of an increased emphasis on verbal (oral) and visual-spatial instruction by classroom teachers.

Download here: How are our children doing in math? and There is more than one way to solve a problem

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