New updates to general security settings in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have incorrectly designated Mathnasium Matters and Vertical Response as unsafe sites when accessed through Salesforce, causing both sites to display incorrectly or not at all. We are currently working on a permanent solution for these two new issues, but there is a temporary work around for both Google Chrome (version 30.0.1599.101m) and Firefox (version 24) that only takes a few extra clicks to implement.


When you log into your M2 account through Google Chrome and view the Home tab, you’ll notice a shield icon to the right side of the URL field (see image below). Clicking this icon opens a window that prompts you to click the “load unsafe script” link. This enables Mathnasium Matters content to pass through Salesforce, allowing the blog to be displayed under the Home tab of M2 like it has in the past. This process also works for the Vertical Response tab, allowing the page to load fully without issue.

M2 tip 1021 chrome


When you log in and view the Home tab, you’ll see a shield icon to the left of the URL field. Clicking this icon opens another window that will give you the option to block unsafe sites. Click the dropdown menu for ‘keep blocking’ and select the ‘disable protection on this page’ option (see image below). The page will then reload, and the Matters blog should now be displayed. Vertical Response will display as normal.

M2 tip 1021 firefox

Please note that this work around adjusts a general security setting in both browsers only for Salesforce. The original settings will still be in place for other sites you access.

We are currently working on a permanent fix for this issue without having to use this work around. Keep watching Mathnasium Matters for further updates.

Please direct all questions to