We are excited to announce updates to the Operations Manual available soon!

This upcoming release features additional materials, resources, and training courses to support the success factors and areas outlined below. We will release new resources in two stages over the next month:

STAGE 1 (WEBSITE SOFT-LAUNCH): WEEK OF NOVEMBER 17TH: New Mathnasium.com consumer website and microsite training course. You will receive access to your microsite on the development platform during this time.

STAGE 2: RELEASE WEEK OF DECEMBER 1st: Team Teaching and Evaluating Business Performance/KPIs training courses


  • Revamped Mathnasium.com consumer website! The new website and center microsites feature a standard look and messaging; clearer, more intuitive navigation; easier updating capabilities; and much more. After the November soft launch, the site will go live and be visible to the general public in December!
  • New Mathnasium University course and materials on keeping your microsite up to date—and updating it with ease.


All the tools, training and systems that you need to implement Mathnasium Team Teaching successfully in your center(s). Highlights include instructions and tips on:

  • Building a collaborative work environment/culture for Instructors so they work as a team to address the needs of all students in the center
  • Properly setting students up for success through a balance of instruction and independent work
  • Using the new Session Wheel and Workout Plan to maintain session accountability for each student. These tools not only help manage individual student visits, but also allow you to establish goals for/with your students and track their progress over time.
  • Creating effective one-on-one engagements within the Mathnasium Team Teaching model.


  • New Zeewise dashboards! Based on Mathnasium’s proven Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), these dashboards show you where you stand relative to target benchmarks, enhancing your ability to define and achieve business goals and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.
  • New Mathnasium University course on evaluating your business performance per these KPIs.
  • Updated requirements for the entire five-stage training process, including ongoing training and best practices for participating in shared forums and exchanging ideas with your fellow franchisees.

Note that existing training courses will be updated as needed to support these new resources. We’ll cover this in more detail in future postings, so keep watching Mathnasium Matters and your inboxes for that release announcement! As always, please direct all questions to support@mathnasium.com.