We are excited to announce Stage 2 of our two-part Fall/Winter 2014 release! This release features additional materials, resources, and training courses detailed in the updated Operations Manual to support the new microsystems for Mathnasium Team Teaching and Evaluating Business Performance. No matter your stage of center growth, the new resources are essential for managing effective Mathnasium instruction in your centers and advancing your business. Highlights include:

As proper implementation is critical, get started by completing both the Team Teaching and Evaluate Business Performance training courses. These training courses will help you and your team understand how to execute these practices effectively in your center. Here’s a list of what’s new, summarized by success factor:


In the spotlight are new microsystems featuring all the tools, training, and documentation that you need to implement Mathnasium Team Teaching successfully in your center(s). Existing microsystems have been revised accordingly to reflect our most up-to-date recommendations.

• New training course “Right Instruction-Team Teaching” on Mathnasium University that will explain everything you need to know about Team Teaching.

• New microsystems:

  • Implement Team Teaching – Rotate and Read the Floor
  • Implement Team Teaching – Engage Students Appropriately
  • Implement Team Teaching – Interact Effectively With Students
  • Implement Team Teaching – Disengage and Communicate

• Updated microsystems:

  • Manage Student Visit – Balance Session Activities
  • Manage Student Visit – Document Session and Track Progress

Items of note include instructions and resources for:
• Building a collaborative work environment/culture for Instructors so they work as a team to address the needs of all students in the center.
• Properly setting students up for success through a balance of instruction and independent work.
• Using the new Session Wheel and Workout Plan to maintain session accountability for each student. These tools not only help manage individual student visits, but also allow you to establish goals for/with your students and track their progress over time.
• Creating effective one-on-one engagements within the Mathnasium Team Teaching model.


New Zeewise dashboards go live tomorrow, December 4! Based on Mathnasium’s proven Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), these dashboards show you where you stand relative to target benchmarks, enhancing your ability to define and achieve business goals and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

• New training course “Evaluate Business Performance” on Mathnasium University on evaluating your business performance per these KPIs.

• New microsystem “Manage Performance: Evaluate Business Performance”. For KPI explanations and questions regarding accurate data, reference the KPI Dashboard Explanations and Instructions document on M2.

Also included is an updated Training Path Checklist and requirements for the entire five-stage training process.

• Updated microsystems:

  • Manage Self-Complete Early Stage Training
  • Manage Self-Attend On-Going Training
  • Manage Self-Participate in Shared Forums

Note that existing training courses will also be revised as needed to support these new resources.

As always, please direct all questions and feedback to support@mathnasium.com.