In the flurry of curriculum materials that were released last summer, there is one piece that we would like to call to your attention. It is called the Enrichment Curriculum Resource (also available here on M2), and it is a list of various Mathnasium curriculum broken out by appropriate Mathnasium Assessment Level and topic strands.

It can serve several purposes well:

  1. Give suggestions for material to give to students who are working at or ahead of grade level, to enable a richer experience at the current grade level before moving on.
  2. Provide a guide to developmentally appropriate material in the geometry, measurement, data and statistics strands.
  3. Point to applicable Problem Solving resources that can supplement the calculations that are being taught at each level.

While the list is not a complete mapping of all available curriculum on all applicable topics, it does point at many of the most appropriate resources for students at each Mathnasium Assessment Level. There is work underway to expand and improve the list, as well make the the assignment of these resources more efficient within M2.