As mentioned this past summer, HQ is in the process of retiring Original and Core Assessments 1 – 7. We wanted to give everyone an update on the transition.

Currently, the entire system has access to Mathnasium 1 – 7 and Computation Assessments, plus their accompanying materials. At this point, franchisees should be using Mathnasium Assessments for all new enrollments at these levels, as well as transitioning all existing students to Learning Plans based on the new Assessments. New Assessments for Levels 8 and above are currently under development—Core Assessments for these levels will remain available until the updated Assessments are ready for release.

In response to franchisee requests, we have decided to delay the retirement of Original and Core Assessments for Levels 1-7 until December 31, 2015. This is a firm date—it will not be extended, and there will be no exceptions made! Start planning now to close out all Learning Plans based on these older Assessments prior to the end of the year. While these Learning Plans will remain functional, you will lose the ability to administer Post-Assessments based on their content.

The Prescriptives currently mapped to these older Assessments will be evaluated piece by piece to determine if they should be retired as well, or maintained in a new format. Keep watching Mathnasium Matters for further curriculum development updates.

If you have any questions on transitioning your students to new materials, or about the Assessment transition process in general, please reach out to