This is the first in a series of three postings.

A number of franchisees have expressed anxiety about Mathnasium testing live-online delivery of instruction (see my September posting). Franchisees have asked, for example, if Mathnasium—the franchisor itself—might teach students in franchisees’ territories. We consulted the Mathnasium Franchisee Advisory Committee about how to assure these franchisees. We reiterated that we had no plans whatsoever to compete with franchisees. Such an idea is not just counter-strategy, it is unthinkable to us. It is contrary to our values and the spirit of our relationship. It compromises the premise that we are linked with the franchisees; that we succeed when the franchisees succeed. The Committee recommended that if we have no intention of deploying this online delivery method to compete with franchisees, we should say so simply and unequivocally. One member prodded me to try to make the declaration in a single sentence. He suggested that I ask David and Larry to join me in making the declaration—that a statement should come from all three of us. At the same time, the Committee suggested broader, more substantial communication. I intend to follow both of the Committee’s recommendations. I’m mindful—and the Committee cautioned about this, too—that some level of anxiety will probably persist. Still, I want to make a “best effort” to provide reassurance. And I don’t care if this involves a series of blog posts that are a little unusual for a franchise organization. We are not your usual franchise organization.

The next posting will contain the statement from David, Larry and myself. It will be followed by a further posting in the form of a lengthy Q & A.

Peter Markovitz