As 2016 picks up speed, we’d like to give you an update on the Education Department’s ongoing initiatives!

At a strategic level, we are working on improving high school curriculum, enhancing Instructor training, and developing the correct measures to measure education effectiveness. This breaks down into several projects:

Assessments – In late October, the Education Department spearheaded a joint effort with other education experts at HQ as well as franchisees to plan all of the high school Assessments. This means that we have looked all across the high school courses to determine what should be on a new set of Assessments, and what they should look like.

The first results of this collaboration will be a replacement for Assessment 8 (called Algebra Readiness) and a High School companion to the Computation Assessment (called High School Fundamental Skills). These two new Assessments entered the test phase in December, and the goal is to provide them to the system no later than the end of Q1 2016. Additionally, we expect a decrease in writing time for the follow up Assessments. That said, our goal is to release a new Assessment and associated curriculum every six months.

Instructor Training – The main effort here is to add depth to the amount of Instructor certification training outlined and available for your Instructors. The first addition will be modules more specifically providing depth to teach the page. These modules will be arranged by Mathnasium Construct. We will also add written material to accompany the new modules, and provide better balance between online and in-center training for your Instructors. The first of these modules should be available this quarter for testing and feedback.

Measures of Effectiveness – We have KPIs for many aspects of our business and yet none for Education… this has got to change! How do we know what’s working, and how do we make M2 give us the data that we need to measure at many levels? We are working to correct this.

Corrections – We continue to update existing curriculum, creating Answer Key layers, and correcting all errors in the process. Please read this article for more information.

Other projects: Multiplication – We have tested a set of PKs that provide the teaching strategies for teaching multiplication to kids. WOBs – WOBs are being freshened and updated, and a new WOB 2.5 is being created. Curriculum Retirement – The curriculum that accompanied Core and Original Assessments 1-7 is being evaluated piece by piece for either retirement or continued use within the system.

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Lastly, the final SAT in the old format will be given on January 23rd. Old SAT materials will be removed from the system at that time. Please make sure that you are using the materials labeled SAT 2016 for students taking an exam beyond that date.

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