Now that we have retired the Original and Core Assessments 1 – 7 and the Computation Assessments, it is time to retire much of the curriculum associated with those Assessments. This process will take place over the next couple of months, and should be largely invisible to you… unless you randomly like to look at PK-0001 for sentimental reasons!

The challenge on our end is to do this in such a way that those of you finishing out those last few Learning Plans generated from those older Assessments are still able to do so.  We are going through a very deliberate process to ensure that materials that have continuing value remain in the system in the most useable form.  That said, you may see some extra practice FOs or a new WOB page pop up with the material from a retired PK.  As we go through this process, we will then manually move each retired file as appropriate to ensure that each piece of old material is retired according to plan.

On your end, first you will see a library in M2 called Retired Curriculum.  Then you will see PKs mapped to Core and Original Assessment 1 move from the PK library to the Retired Curriculum library, followed by other Assessment levels approximately every other week.  Moving the material to this new library means that those of you that just like to look at PK-0001 will still have the ability to do so (and you’ll even be able to print and use it if you find yourself in the perfect situation)! However, you will not be able to add it to a student’s Learning Plan, nor will you be able to find a corresponding Answer Key for it on Google Drive.  Retired material will be identified in the Education Change Log as it is moved.

If we do this correctly, no Learning Plans will be harmed in the process.  During this process, if you encounter a Learning Plan that stops working, please email and we will fix your issue as quickly as possible. 

Note: International and Canadian franchisees will not be affected by this change.