We are excited to announce updates to the Operations Manual, along with associated materials and resources! Please reference the Operations Manual Change Log for an itemized list of all recent updates.

Highlights include…

QuickBooks Online:

* Now compatible with ZeeWise CARS Reporting! *

Both QuickBooks Online Essentials and Plus (ideal for multi-Center management) versions are now compatible with the ZeeWise CARS reporting system! Now, you can submit your monthly reports directly from QuickBooks Online through CARS. With this faster, more convenient option now available, we expect to eventually phase out the current manual reporting procedure through ZeeWise.

To set up a ZeeWise CARS installation appointment, contact Tristan Davis: tdavis@zeewise.com. A ZeeWise representative will review the monthly reporting process with you during this appointment—it should take about 30 minutes. If you have further questions regarding reporting or data accuracy, please contact your Start-Up Specialist or FBC for support.

NEW Resource Available: QuickBooks Online User Guide – a detailed reference to setting up and running your business accounting in QuickBooks Online!

* NEW Pricing & Support Options Now Available! *

Mathnasium and Intuit have teamed up to provide special pricing and support for QuickBooks Online and additional payroll services! Intuit is offering promotional pricing on monthly subscription rates for all current and new Mathnasium QuickBooks Online users for the lifetime of their QuickBooks subscriptions. Note that some of these discounted options for QuickBooks Online Essentials or Plus are only valid until May 2, 2016—act fast to take advantage of these great offers!

The Mathnasium QuickBooks Online Pricing and Set Up document outlines your options for enrolling in QuickBooks Online.

This document also includes a link to the Enrollment Form—after you complete it, you will be contacted by an Intuit representative to set up your QuickBooks Online account OR to help you transition your current QuickBooks Desktop data (if applicable) to QuickBooks Online.  During your phone appointment, the Intuit representative will also review your specific needs and set up your Mathnasium Chart of Accounts at no additional cost!

  • If you are already using QuickBooks Online, please complete the Enrollment Form by May 2—an Intuit representative will contact you to apply the new discount on your current QuickBooks Online subscription.

Updated: Insurance Requirements

Mathnasium’s minimum insurance requirements have changed.  Most notably, we no longer require the Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions) coverage.  Further details on our business insurance coverage requirements can be found in the Organize Business: Set Up and Manage Insurance microsystem in the Operations Manual.


Center Layout and Site Evaluation Requirements:

* Whether you’re considering an additional location or need ideas/guidance on updating your current layout or storefront, we’ve updated the following tools and microsystems to support your efforts. *

NEW Resource Available:  Site Evaluation Form:

  • For those of you in the process of moving or opening an additional location, please be aware that the site evaluation and approval process has been streamlined. This allows for a more specific review of prime retail spaces that would be a great fit for a Mathnasium Learning Center! Use this document as you work with your Start-Up Specialist or FBC to evaluate high priority areas such as visibility and location, and the overall suitability of a space in general.

NEW Resource Available:  Center Layout Requirements:

  • Provides an at-a-glance review of the ideal Center interior/exterior setup and all required elements. Utilize this document as a refresher to build greater visibility & impression for your Center.
  • Includes an Excel planning tool you can use to model your own Center floor plan, which must be submitted as part of the new site approval process.

Mathnasium IKEA Furniture List:

  • Now featuring our most current IKEA furniture requirements, including new items such as the cashew-shaped game table!

For specific details on layout requirements, please see the Furnish the Center microsystem in the Operations Manual. The Provide Signage and Exterior Décor microsystem provides the most up-to-date window signage recommendations and requirements, including details on summer hours and open carry laws.

NEW Resource Available: Daily Center Cleaning Checklist

  • Use this checklist as you clean up after each day at the Center to ensure that all parents, students, and guests coming in the next day enter a neat and organized space! More details can be found in the Thoroughly Clean Center microsystem in the Operations Manual.



* New resources are now available to help you manage your marketing efforts—particularly for those of you who are opening additional Centers! *

NEW Resource Available: Start-Up Marketing Plan

  • This Excel file outlines each Lead Generation microsystem, containing the tactics necessary to execute a well-rounded and robust marketing plan. Included are details regarding timing (start & completion) for each tactic; benchmark goals; considerations/variables; and appropriate Mathnasium preferred vendors, tools, and links for each tactic.
  • This marketing plan can also be found in the updated Marketing the Mathnasium Way: Start-Up Guide. This overview resource expands on the essential steps needed to launch your business, reflecting time-tested marketing initiatives & best practices of our franchisees, combined with the marketing expertise of the Mathnasium HQ team.


Training & Hiring:

* The following resources have been updated to support you as you work through your own Mathnasium training, manage training for your staff, and hire qualified team members to administer the Mathnasium Method! *

Training Syllabus:

  • Outlines the entire training process from stages 1 – 5. Review this updated training path to ensure that you and all your Center employees are up-to-date and on track with all training requirements.

More details regarding training requirements can be found in the updated Complete Early Stage Training and Attend Ongoing Training microsystems in the Operations Manual.

Hiring Exceptional People – Includes new/updated instructions and materials for hiring quality individuals great at explaining math and building a rapport with kids! Notable changes include revised microsystems and sample resource documents for recruiting, screening, and interviewing potential candidates.

Remember: the Operations Manual is your definitive, comprehensive resource for all things pertaining to successful Center management! As always, please direct all questions and feedback to support@mathnasium.com.