We’re excited to announce that as previewed on March 8, the new Algebra Readiness (AR) and High School Fundamental Skills Assessments (HSFS) have been released!

The release consists of Pre-Assessments, supporting curriculum for both Assessments and Answer Keys for all the above.  All items are in their appropriate libraries (PKs, Assessments, etc.).  The AR assessment entry option is located in the Mathnasium dropdown menu, and the HSFS entry option is located in the Computation dropdown menu.

These Assessments were designed to replace the Core/Original Level 8 as the Pre-Algebra Assessment. Additionally, they will serve as the first Assessment for many struggling high school students, building on the solid foundation established by Mathnasium Assessments 1-7.

Please read Algebra Readiness and High School Fundamental Skills – Administration Directions carefully for more specifics on the intended audiences, as well as administration guidelines and recommendations for transitioning existing students.

As with previous releases, Core and Original Level 8 will remain available for at least six months to allow existing Learning Plans to be completed and students to be Post-Assessed.

In the near future, you can look forward to Post Assessments, Partial Post functionality for both AR and HSFS, a WOB 4.5 specifically designed to support an AR student, as well as HSFS & AR materials mapped to Canadian Core, Test Prep, and Pre-Calculus Assessments where appropriate. Keep watching Mathnasium Matters for more on these upcoming initiatives!

P.S. The Marketing Department has updated the Readiness campaign with new materials that empower parents to start thinking about whether their child is ready for math & Algebra success… now available on Download Depot!