We’re happy to announce that Post Assessments for Algebra Readiness (AR) and High School Fundamental Skills (HSFS) have been released along with partial post functionality!

We also updated some of the formatting on the Pre-Assessments along with one of the questions on the AR Assessment.  Everyone should now be using v03 of the AR Pre-Assessment.  You will also find the Mathnasium Assessment Answer Keys for AR and HSFS posted individually in M2 as well as in the zip folder where they have traditionally resided.

Other updates include a remapping of Test Prep and HMM Pre-Calculus Assessments to incorporate the new AR material where appropriate.  Any new Assessments given will automatically have this material in their Learning Plans. Existing Learning Plans can be updated either by re-entering the Assessment results or manually adding the new material using the updated matrices on M2.

We’ve also enabled the Recommended Additions button for both AR and HSFS to allow you to add extra practice and extension Focus Ons to Learning Plans at these levels when appropriate.

As always, please direct all questions to support@mathnasium.com.