Great news, Canadian franchisees! We’re happy to announce that applicable material from the Algebra Readiness curriculum has been remapped to Canadian Core Assessments 6 – 10 (originally mentioned here).  While the Assessments themselves have not changed, we’ve remapped new curriculum (or in some cases, Canadian-specific versions of it) where appropriate.

We also took the opportunity to remap Core 8 and above to include some “–HS” versions of lower level material. PKs suffixed with “–HS” are based on material originally taught at a lower level, with some of the visual scaffolding removed and instruction shortened (where appropriate) to save time in a high school Learning Plan.

As a reminder, in order to take advantage of the updated mappings described above, you must create a new Assessment record.  You can also make these substitutions manually—please refer to this guide for our recommendations.

Additionally, we updated some errors and formatting inconsistencies on the Core 3 Pre-Assessment and Core 6 and Core 10 Pre- and Post-Assessments.

Finally, to ensure that you’re working with the most up-to-date versions of all Assessments at all times, we recommend downloading them directly from M2 instead of using versions stored locally on your computers.

As always, please direct all questions and feedback to!