As mentioned in our Save-the-Date released in May and on the June Mathnasium Live webinar, the Marketing Team is working hard on planning and promoting the Annual TriMathlon! We’ve made significant changes in the areas of event management and promotional materials provided by HQ.

To allow for more flexibility and creativity as you plan a fun event that promotes excitement about math and Mathnasium, TriMathlon has been redesigned to be entirely center-run and center-funded. For U.S. franchisees, we will continue to provide the following:

  • Event guidelines and instructions
  • Downloadable marketing materials (including all creative assets and templates)
  • Recommendations for goody bags and medals (with exciting new branded items available for purchase through Printing For Less)
  • Technical, education, and administrative support for the event

Furthermore, participating franchisees can still expect consistent email communication from HQ in the weeks leading up to TriMathlon, featuring recommended action steps to take at key intervals in the event preparation timeline.

We recognize that strong community involvement and school outreach are vital elements of a solid Mathnasium marketing plan. With that in mind, HQ will continue to fund local school donations, contributing $10 for every TriMathlon participant.

Additionally, we anticipate that our newly forged partnership with National PTA will open many doors for us in terms of event advertising and in-school promotion. PTA’s valuable support and involvement will help us boost community awareness of the TriMathlon as a fundraising opportunity for PTAs nationwide—we hope for increased event participation and stronger school partnerships as a result.

Here are the official dates for TriMathlon 2016:

Annual TriMathlon (local competitions): Saturday, November 5 and Sunday, November 6

National Grand Prize TriMathlon: Saturday, November 19 and Sunday, November 20

By making these changes, our goal is to reallocate team resources toward fresh lead generation initiatives that hold greater potential to move the needle across the board. Rest assured that those of you who have found TriMathlon to be an effective lead generator in the past and intend on hosting the event this year will have adequate materials and support from HQ in the months leading up to the event—we will not leave you hanging!

Canadian franchisees: Please refer to the June update email you received a few days ago for more details.

Please direct all questions or comments to