The Education Department is thrilled to announce the release of Mathnasium’s Multiplication Fact Fluency Assessment and accompanying materials (also discussed here)! This release consists of Pre/Post Assessments, a Midpoint Checkup, Mastery Assessment, 12 Prescriptives, and 4 Focus Ons.

The Multiplication Fact Fluency Program is designed as a framework for students to engage in strategic thinking as they learn multiplication facts, supplemented with extensive practice to help them achieve “effortless recall”.

This video (featuring some of our MFF test subjects!) will give all of you a sense of how practice fits into the learning process for multiplication facts:

For more detailed information and guidance, please refer to this resource document as well as the Right Instruction – Multiplication Fluency Instruction training course (pending) on Mathnasium University.

As always, email with any questions. We hope you enjoy the new Mutliplication Fact Fluency materials!