We are excited to announce updates to the Operations Manual and associated materials and resources in M2!

Release highlights include…

NEW: Requirements for Consideration to Acquire Additional Centers

To clarify criteria for those of you seeking to expand your businesses through additional locations, we’ve released a new Requirements for Consideration to Acquire Additional Centers document. For more details, check out the Evaluate Business Performance microsystem in the Operations Manual.

NEW: Mathnasium Careers Page!

As announced on the June 3rd Mathnasium Live, we’ve added a Careers webpage (www.mathnasium.com/careers) to mathnasium.com to support your talent recruitment efforts! A prominent recruiting tool that promotes the diverse employment opportunities at HQ and Mathnasium Centers, the Careers page highlights the broad reach of Centers with employment opportunities, emphasizes the potential for career development at Mathnasium, and connects interested talent with franchisees via your local microsites.

Guidelines in the Operations Manual microsystems Advertise Job Posting and Keep Microsite Information Up-to-date as well as the Microsite Walkthrough document have been updated with instructions for leveraging the reach of this exciting new feature!

Potential candidates make first impressions from your microsite—please take this opportunity to update your local Employment and Team pages.

NEW: Accounting and Reporting Course on Mathnasium University!

The new Accounting and Reporting training course is designed to help you gain knowledge of the software and tools needed to manage your Center finances. It covers the main systems required for royalty reporting and Center finance management, including QuickBooks Online and Zeewise’s CARS.

The Provide Tools and Supplies and Set Up Operational Infrastructure microsystems in the Operations Manual now reference this comprehensive training course!

Marketing Updates:

Annual TriMathlon

As announced in What to Expect: Annual TriMathlon, the Marketing Department has made changes to the Annual TriMathlon in the areas of event structure and promotional materials provided by HQ. The Generate Awareness: Host a TriMathlon microsystem in the Operations Manual has been revised accordingly.

Exterior Signage

To address variations in Center site signage regulations, the Build Out the Space: Provide Signage and Exterior Décor microsystems now features new instructions and resources for 2:1 and 3:1 ratio options/renderings for both channel letter and cabinet letter signage options. Also included are updated signage files on M2 and Download Depot.

Training Updates:

The latest version of the Training Syllabus references new training courses developed for Multiplication Fact Fluency and Accounting and Reporting.

This document outlines the entire training process from stages 1 – 5. Review this updated training path to ensure that you and all your Center employees are up-to-date and on track with all training requirements.

The Complete Early Stage Training and Attend Ongoing Training microsystems in the Operations Manual have also been updated per these new releases.

Education Updates:

The Assessment Selection Guide and Workout Book Assignment Guide have been refreshed to address Algebra Readiness materials, High School Computation Assessments, and the Multiplication Fact Fluency program.

Updates have also been made to the following microsystems:

Assign and Replace Binder Materials:

  • Clarifies the purpose and intent of both the Notes to Center Director and Workout Plan documents
  • Highlights the mandatory binder update procedure (both formal and informal reviews)
  • Addresses reassignment of materials that have not been completed to mastery

Document Session and Track Progress:

  • Outlines the most current version of the Workout Plan and how the document should be completed
  • Details how to handle the identification of representative homework problem samples and how to document using the Workout Plan

General Business Management Updates:

The Initiate Employment: Perform Background Check microsystem has been updated to include Mathnasium’s new account representative at preferred vendor Sterling Backcheck, Ashley Miner (ashley.miner@sterlingbackcheck.com).

Please reference the Operations Manual Change Log for an itemized list of all recent updates. And remember… the Operations Manual is your definitive, comprehensive resource for all things pertaining to successful Center management!

As always, please direct all questions and feedback to support@mathnasium.com.