Recently, the Education Department released three training modules based on the Mathnasium teaching constructs: Wholes and Parts, Counting, and Proportional Thinking.  This introductory release is part of planned series of training modules to provide more advanced Instructor training to your staff.  These courses are not meant to replace any of the current Instructor course offerings in the system, but are intended for Instructors who have at least six weeks of experience on the floor.

We believe that effective Instructor training must contain not only the online course, but also guided person-to-person interaction between Center leadership and instructional staff.  For this reason, these modules were designed with both an online and a required written component.

The online component is largely similar to current courses.  The Instructor will be able to work through them individually and answer questions throughout in the form of Knowledge Checks and a Final Quiz.  The main differentiator in these courses will be the resource documents that feature curriculum examples to be completed, as well as prompts designed to explore the construct, address common student/Instructor errors, and provide an idea of how to work with a student “off the page.”  Through use of these workbooks, center leadership will have guidance on critical instructional conversations to be had with their staff.

In order to prepare for these conversations, Center Directors must complete the modules first to drive the process as intended.

The best way to facilitate this training is to allocate time either before or after instruction to engage in this material.  While some of the content could be used in staff meetings, it is essential to have each Instructor work through the modules individually to ensure the intended outcome.

What you should be doing right now:

  • Complete the three modules in their entirety. This includes working through the resource documents.
  • Identify consistent times in your own schedule when you can train your Instructors individually.
  • Target specific members of your instructional team to work through the training.
  • Make plans to meet with them at certain points along their path to completion.

If you have any questions about the content or implementation of these training courses, please reach out to