As promised last week, here are the Nominee Profile Questionnaires for those running for seats on the Mathnasium Franchise Advisory Committee (MFAC)!

Please take some time to read our nominees’ profiles and familiarize yourself with their accomplishments and qualifications. Voting opens for Franchisees in the West and Southeast regions on November 8 and runs through November 11.

Single Center, West Region
Devi Paolillo (Marana, AZ)
Jennifer Krull, San Jose, CA 006T
Jennifer Krull (Almaden, CA)
Mike Mulvey, CA 003
Mike Mulvey (Poway, CA)
Single Center, Southeast Region
Lynn Byfield, FL 005
Lynn Byfield (Lake Mary, FL)
Rebecca (Becky) McDaniels, FL 005
Rebecca (Becky) McDaniels (Brandon, FL)
Shannon Danielson, South Tampa, FL 007T
Shannon Danielson (South Tampa, FL)

Key Dates:

November 8 – Voting opens; links will be sent to all franchisees in the West and Southeast regions
November 11 – Voting ends
November 14 – New MFAC members announced

** New members will gather in Los Angeles with the rest of MFAC for their first meeting with HQ representatives from November 30 to December 2.**

Please refer to last week’s announcement for the election timeline and further details, the committee bylaws for a description of MFAC member responsibilities, and the MFAC launch announcement to learn more about overall committee objectives!

Keep watching Mathnasium Matters for more on the MFAC elections!

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