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Meet the 2016 MFAC Nominees!

As promised last week [1], here are the Nominee Profile Questionnaires for those running for seats on the Mathnasium Franchise Advisory Committee [2] (MFAC)!

Please take some time to read our nominees’ profiles and familiarize yourself with their accomplishments and qualifications. Voting opens for Franchisees in the West and Southeast regions on November 8 and runs through November 11.

Single Center, West Region
marana [3]
Devi Paolillo (Marana, AZ) [4]
Jennifer Krull, San Jose, CA 006T [5]
Jennifer Krull (Almaden, CA) [6]
Mike Mulvey, CA 003 [7]
Mike Mulvey (Poway, CA) [8]
Single Center, Southeast Region
Lynn Byfield, FL 005 [9]
Lynn Byfield (Lake Mary, FL) [10]
Rebecca (Becky) McDaniels, FL 005 [11]
Rebecca (Becky) McDaniels (Brandon, FL) [12]
Shannon Danielson, South Tampa, FL 007T [13]
Shannon Danielson (South Tampa, FL) [14]

Key Dates:

November 8 – Voting opens; links will be sent to all franchisees in the West and Southeast regions
November 11 – Voting ends
November 14 – New MFAC members announced

** New members will gather in Los Angeles with the rest of MFAC for their first meeting with HQ representatives from November 30 to December 2.**

Please refer to last week’s announcement [1] for the election timeline and further details, the committee bylaws [15] for a description of MFAC member responsibilities, and the MFAC launch announcement [2] to learn more about overall committee objectives!

Keep watching Mathnasium Matters for more on the MFAC elections!

Questions? Mathnasium Support is here for you: support@mathnasium.com [16].