** The Marketing Department is excited to announce that the December Marketing Calendar and associated seasonal marketing materials are now available on Download Depot! **

The fall semester is winding down and the holiday season is here! We have a fresh set of Holiday 2016 materials to help you engage your customers and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with them … Mathnasium style!

Follow this month’s marketing plan to boost your efforts and stay on top of your goals and objectives.


 Seasonal (Winter) Materials!

SeasonalTemperatures are dropping, but my, oh my, warm fuzzies and holiday cheer are in the air! Use the marketing materials listed below as you spread the math love this holiday season:


Press Release – Holiday Math
In-Center Flyer
Teacher Outreach Flyer
Seasonal Schedule Flyer


Social Media: Facebook advertising images, cover photos and graphics for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram
Email Header
Microsite Banner
Consumer Emails
Teacher Outreach Email

December Lead Generation Promo: “Let It Snow” Holiday Cookies! – Available December 1

Holiday PromoThis month, we’re encouraging kids to apply math learning to family holiday activities and keep their minds sharp with a delightfully sweet mathtastic treat! Kids and parents are encouraged to use math to bake up a (snow)storm with our holiday sugar snowflake cookie recipe on the Number Sense Blog and either bring their cookies to the Center to share (or come in with a photo of their creation) for a fun reward!

Mathnasium + PTA Print Ads and Customizable PTA Parent Flyer!

National PTA(1)We’ve expanded our selection of National PTA print ads to include half- and quarter-page versions. Leverage Mathnasium’s partnership with National PTA in your print advertising! A customizable PTA parent flyer with messaging celebrating our commitment to supporting students’ needs is also available.

Updated Exterior Storefront Planogram!

PlanogramThe holiday season is top-of-mind in December, making this an ideal time of year to freshen up your storefronts and catch the attention of passers-by with seasonal decorations! Build on the recommendations in our updated Exterior Storefront Planogram as you freshen up your storefronts with a dose of holiday spirit… and maybe do away with the old and make way for a new look in 2017!


Mathnasium + PTA Update!

We know that since the inception of our National PTA partnership, you’ve been focused on gaining traction with PTAs in your communities. In recent months, the Marketing Department has been focused on maximizing the impact of our partnership with National PTA, using their marketing/media channels to tell Mathnasium’s story and generate awareness around our brand on a national scale. Please see our most recent example, a blog post celebrating a Mathnasium student’s success on National PTA’s One Voice Blog!

Be Visible:

  • Update your microsite: List current hours of operation, offers, seasonal banner, free trial special offer, etc.
  • Increase Center appeal: Spread holiday cheer and engage customers by freshening up your storefront with tasteful and festive holiday decorations.
  • Leverage social media to drive leads to your microsite.
  • Also, feel free to share articles on the Mathnasium Number Sense Blog on your social media pages!

Reach Out to Potential Customers:

  • Post referral flyers and distribute referral cards to interested parents.
  • Partner with Schools: Head over to Download Depot for tons of best practices resources for PTA outreach (most are applicable for building relationships with all variants of parent leader groups). Mathnasium + PTA and Mathnasium + Parent Leaders marketing materials are also available. Pinpoint opportunities to support schools and parent leader organizations (auctions, carnivals/events, etc.) throughout the holidays and into the spring semester.
  • Reach Out to Classroom Teachers: Spread good cheer and show support: Visit the schools in your territory and hand-deliver the teacher flyer, placing it in their mailboxes yourself. Schools typically hold parent-teacher conferences throughout December and January—deliver Teacher Conference Week Survival Kits (guidelines available here) along with the flyer for schools with conference weeks in December. If your local schools aren’t receptive to in-person visits, send a quick teacher email to all teachers.
  • Engage in Public Relations: We’ve prepared a special “Holiday Math” press release for December—customize and send out to your press contacts.

Create the Opportunity to Enroll:

  • Send targeted December parent mass emails by December 5 (no earlier than December 1!) and remind current, potential, and inactive customers that Mathnasium is there to help, regardless of their child’s math goals. Customize and send out the December 2016/January 2017 Newsflash newsletter template.
  • Let it Snow holiday cookie promo: Drive local engagement by promoting across social media.
    • Leads/Inactive customers bring in their homemade cookies or a picture of them for a fun prize (something from your rewards cabinet, Mathnasium gear, or gift cards).
    • Current students receive (at your discretion) extra punches on their punch cards or a fully completed punch card!

Featured Marketing Materials—all available on Download Depot!