** The Marketing Department is excited to announce that the January Marketing Calendar and associated seasonal marketing materials are now available on Download Depot! **

In January, we’re bidding a fond farewell to 2016 and getting excited about all the possibilities 2017 can bring! Follow this month’s marketing plan to boost your efforts and stay on top of your goals and objectives.


Press Release—New Year Math!

Use press releases to tell your Mathnasium story! Our New Year Math press release template positions Mathnasium owners as neighborhood math experts and is full of tips to help families achieve their math goals in 2017. Please reference the Generate Awareness: Engage in Public Relations microsystem in the Operations Manual for media outreach steps.

New Year’s 2017 Digital Graphics!

Sample-Jan 2016Happy 2017! Celebrate the new year and the possibilities ahead with your customers by using the seasonal marketing materials below. Note: In the interest of timeliness, we recommend using New Year’s graphics throughout the last week of December and the first week of January only.

Social Media: Facebook advertising instructions and images; cover photos and graphics for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram

Email Header

Microsite Banner

Mathnasium + PTA Business Cards!

Sample-Jan 201632Our standard Mathnasium business cards are now available with the Mathnasium + PTA logo. Leverage our partnership with National PTA as you connect with customers and other interested persons in your local market!


Mathnasium + PTA Update: STEM Plus Families

Sample-Jan 201633As founding sponsors of National PTA’s STEM Plus Families initiative, Mathnasium’s quickly gaining traction as a STEM thought leader. Showcase Mathnasium’s role as the “M” in STEM and educate your customers about Mathnasium’s commitment to making quality STEM education accessible to all by handing out PTA’s STEM Plus Families flyer at Math Nights and other school outreach opportunities, as appropriate.

January Lead-Generation Promo: “Be Inspired by You!” Motivational Posters!

Sample-Jan 20164This month, we’re encouraging kids to dream big and craft an action plan to achieve their math goals in 2017! Kids and parents are encouraged to customize our motivational poster templates with their photo and top goal for 2017 and to bring their finished creation to Mathnasium for a fun reward or extra punches on their cards. Note: Promo links go live on January 1, 2017.

Be Visible:

  • Update your microsite: List current hours of operation, offers, seasonal banner, free trial special offer, etc.
  • Increase Center appeal: Remove holiday décor by the first week of January. Freshen up your storefront with a new look to usher in the new year!
  • Leverage social media to drive leads to your microsite.
  • Also, feel free to share articles from the Mathnasium Number Sense Blog on your social media pages!

Reach Out to Potential Customers:

  • Partner with schools: Now that winter break is over, reconnect with parent leaders and school administrators and let them know that Mathnasium is here and happy to support them. It is critical that you connect with them at this time, as there are many opportunities for new enrollments that come with state standardized tests and mid-year benchmark tests. Additional partnership opportunities may come in the form of auctions, Math Nights, carnivals/events, etc. Head over to Download Depot for tons of best practices resources for PTA outreach (most are applicable for building relationships with all variants of parent leader groups). Mathnasium + PTA, STEM Plus Families, and Mathnasium + Parent Leaders marketing materials are also available.
  • Reach out to classroom teachers: Let teachers know that Mathnasium is here to support their classroom goals in 2017! If schools in your territory do mid-year benchmark tests, do communicate that we’re here as the community’s supplementary education resource for all things math and are ready to support students who are falling behind. Visit the schools in your territory and hand-deliver the Teacher Flyer, placing it into their mailboxes yourself. Schools typically hold parent-teacher conferences throughout December and January—deliver Teacher Conference Week Survival Kits (guidelines available here) along with the flyer for schools with conference weeks in January. If your local schools aren’t receptive to in-person visits, send a quick Teacher Email to all teachers.
  • Engage in public relations: We’ve prepared a special “New Year Math” press release template for January—customize it and send it out to your press contacts.

Create the Opportunity to Enroll:

  • Send targeted January parent mass emails by January 5 and remind current, potential, and inactive customers that Mathnasium is here to help their family reach their math goals in 2017. Customize and send out the December 2016/January 2017 Newsflash newsletter template.
  • Be Inspired by You! motivational poster promo: Drive local engagement by promoting across social media.
    • Leads/inactive customers bring in their completed motivational posters for a fun prize (something from your rewards cabinet, Mathnasium gear, or gift cards).
    • Current students receive (at your discretion) extra punches on their punch cards or a fully completed punch card!

Featured Marketing Materials—all available on Download Depot!

Sample-Jan 20165