First session of 2017 starts February 5! Space is limited (40 seats)—sign up now! 

To sign up, head over to the Events calendar in the new Mathnasium University! Please refer to the 2017 Center Director Training Calendar for scheduled training dates and locations through July 2017. A Training Department team member will be in touch once your reservation is confirmed.

As announced on Mathnasium Matters a couple of weeks ago, the Training Department is excited to unveil an expanded hybrid training structure for Experienced Center Director Training! This program features six sessions spread out over six weeks:

Hybrid ECD Training Updated

  • Day 1: Kick-off day (Sunday)—Face-to-face and broadcasted instruction from 9 am – 6 pm local time
  • Days 2 through 5 (Thursdays): Online-only instruction broadcasted between 9 am – 12 noon PST; one session covering a different microsystem per week
  • Day 6: Certification Day (Thursday)—Online only; between 9 am – 12 noon PST, attendees will get to practice and perfect Instructor interviews, MATH model, coaching role plays, parent discussions, and care call role plays

Trainees must attend all six sessions (23 hours total) in order to receive certification. Any missed session must be made up during the next cycle before becoming certified.

Experienced Center Director Training is mandatory for any existing employee that has been promoted to a Center Director position. A promoted employee, regardless of the title held, who assumes the responsibility of any of the following items is considered a “Center Director” for training purposes and must follow the hiring and training guidelines required of a Center Director, including Center Director Training, along with its prerequisites, and complete the required Readiness Training.

  • Enrolling students (selling the program to parents)
  • Supervising, managing, or training staff
  • Involvement in Center marketing decisions

What are the prerequisites for Experienced Center Director Training? What are the tech specs required for online instruction? Please refer to the original article for more information!

Questions? Your Training Team is here for you: