With 2017 already here, the Education Department wants to take this opportunity to bring you up-to-date on all the things we are excited to deliver to the system within the coming months.

Algebra Test Update:

The Algebra Assessment and curriculum (replacement for Core 9) has been in testing since mid-November.  We are happy to report that by mid-January, we will have received all feedback from Franchisees in the test group and will begin our final revision process.  Stay tuned for updates on a formal release for this material.

Algebra WOB:

The process of creating an Algebra WOB to support the new Algebra curriculum is underway.  Methods to solve more “advanced” linear equations, data and statistics, problem solving strategies, HS-level number sense, and algebraic thinking are just some of the elements of this WOB.  We hope to deliver this to the system within a reasonable timeframe after the release of the “new 9.”

Focus On Release:

There are five new Focus Ons available in the library for immediate assignment.

  • FO 2001: Dimensional Analysis
  • FO 2002: Metric and Customary Measurement
  • FO 2003: Introduction to Combinatorics
  • FO 2004: Approximating Pi Using Regular Polygons
  • FO 2005: Counting Systems (not Base 10)

Numerical Fluency Answer Keys:

Numerical Fluency PKs now have full Answer Key support.

WOB 0:

WOB 0 has been revised.  These revisions include updated problem selection, larger numbers to extend Numerical Fluency, updated page formatting, and Answer Keys that have undergone thorough validation.

Geometry Readiness:

The Geometry Readiness curriculum project has begun.  The goal will be to provide the system with an Assessment/curriculum targeting the essential introductory topics a student will need to be successful upon entry to a HS Geometry course.  The program will provide foundational support to students during the school year or engage students in a “Geometry preview”.

Multiplication Mastery Checkup:

M2 Assessment entry is now available for the comprehensive, 169-fact Multiplication Mastery Post-Assessment.  You may find this under “Numerical Fluency” in the dropdown menu.

Retirement of Core 8:

The release of Algebra Readiness/High School Fundamental Skills back in March means that both the Core 8 Assessments and associated curriculum will soon be formally retired, likely coinciding with the release of the new Algebra Assessment.  Immediate steps should be taken to close out any existing Core 8 Learning Plans.

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