The Education department is pleased to announce the release of our next generation Algebra I assessment in two parts: Algebra I A and Algebra I B.  In deciding on the scope of these Assessments, we have taken into account the historical syllabus for first year Algebra together with the changing nature of the topics included in most current textbooks. To help determine what topics and at what depth constitute a solid program, we have relied on the experience of our staff, the research they have done, and the results of field testing with 60+ franchisees and hundreds of students.

There is not universal agreement as to the exact topics that makeup a solid Algebra I program, even in the era of Common Core.  We are aware that in some programs around the US, topics from high school Geometry, and in some cases, Algebra II, are included in first year Algebra.  We considered many of these topics, and most cases decided to save them for the next generation Geometry and Higher Math Assessments.  The Algebra Assessment Administration document will provide specifics on the scope and intended audience of both the Algebra I A and Algebra I B Assessments.

The release consists of Pre-Assessments, supporting curriculum for both Assessments and Answer Keys.  All items are found in their appropriate libraries and assessment entry is located in the Mathnasium dropdown menu.

Please review the Algebra Assessment Administration document carefully for specifics on intended audiences, as well as administration guidelines and recommendations for transitioning students off a Core 9 Learning Plan.  Core 9 will remain available for at least six months to allow for students to transition off Learning Plans and be Post-Assessed.

Work has already begun on Post-Assessments, Partial Post functionality and mappings to Canadian Core, Test Prep, and Precalculus Assessments.  In the near future we will be releasing a comprehensive Algebra WOB to support this program.

After you have had a chance to give this new assessment several times, we would appreciate your feedback.  Please contact with any feedback you may have.