Following the February 21st release of the new Algebra I Assessments and curriculum (found here), we want to take this opportunity to announce several new things from the Education Department.

Algebra Assessments:

Minor changes to formatting of the Pre-Assessments mean you should now be using v02 of Algebra I A and v03 of Algebra I B.  Both full Post-Assessments and partial post functionality are now available for use with Algebra I A and Algebra I B.

Assessment Selection/WOB Assignment Guide:

Both the Assessment Selection Guide and Workout Book Assignment Guides have been updated to reflect recommendations made in the previously released Algebra Assessment Administration document.

Curriculum Remapping:

In addition, we have remapped applicable PKs on the HMM Pre-Calculus Fundamental Skills Assessment to include the new Algebra I material where appropriate.  Existing LPs based upon these assessments would either need to have the PKs replaced manually, or can take advantage of this new material by re-entering the Assessment results.

Recommended Additions:

Recommended Focus Ons for both Algebra I A and Algebra I B are now available allowing for both extra practice and extensions on topics found on these assessments.  You may access these by selecting “Recommended Additions” button within a student’s Learning Plan.

WOB 1:

All six chapters of Workout Book 1 have been rereleased and include updates to language, problem selection, and graphics. The rerelease of WOB 1 also includes tablet-compatible answer keys that have undergone thorough validation.

Free Trial Curriculum Answer Keys:

Answer Keys are now available for all Levels of our “Free Trial” curriculum.  These can be found both on Google Drive and on M2.

Update on Retirement of Core 8:

Last year’s release of Algebra Readiness/High School Fundamental Skills signifies Core 8 and its associated curriculum will be retired.  Immediate steps must be taken to close out existing Core 8 Learning Plans by June 1st, 2017.  After this date, you will no longer be able to enter assessment results into M2.  In addition, Core 8 curriculum will be removed from the active library and will not be able to be added to a Learning Plan.

Upcoming Releases:

The Curriculum Team is working very hard to bring both Geometry Readiness and a new Algebra WOB to the system.  Stay tuned to the blog for updates on these projects.