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Education Update for Canada

Canadian Franchise Partners, we have some updates for you on curriculum resources and materials that have been recently created and made available to you, along with others to look forward to!

New Canadian Resources

Head on over to M2 to find the following two new additions to the Canadian resources:

Canadian Instruction Desk Tools [1]
Binder Units of Measure Can [2]

As well, keep an eye out for the Canadian Math Dictionary which will available for printing this Spring 2017. More details to follow.

Corrections/Edits to Materials

Make sure to check out the Education Materials Change Log 2017 [3] Education Materials Change Log 2017 for Canada which is released bi-weekly, and found in the Answer Keys – C  library on M2. The Change Log outlines edits made to content which is available to Canada, along with revisions for Canadian versions of content already on M2. As we continue to create and update Canadian versions for our curriculum materials, we will also be retiring the non-Canadian versions. Stay tuned for announcements regarding the retirement of these non-Canadian versions of our curriculum materials.

Curriculum Uploads

The Canadian Change Logs will now also document any new material that is made available to Canada, and which will not appear as mappings to our current Canada Core Checkups. Instead, we will be adding these new materials to the Recommended Additions for our Canada Core Checkups 1-11, which can be added to Learning Plans. These new Recommended Additions will fall into the category of Extra Practice, to be used with our current Canada Core Checkups for topics that are not addressed on the assessments, but which will appear on our new Canada Mathnasium Checkups.

Looking Forward

By the end of April, the new Canadian Mathnasium Checkups 1-3 (replacement for Canada Core Checkups 1-3) and curriculum will be in testing in a few of our Canadian Centres. We will be gathering feedback from Franchisees in the test group and revising the Checkups and materials following the testing. Stay tuned for updates on the testing and release dates for this material.