Last October, the Education Department released three training modules based upon the Mathnasium teaching constructs: Wholes and Parts, Counting, and Proportional Thinking. As a follow-up, we are happy to release two new construct modules to the system: Quantity and Denomination and The Law of Sameness. These courses are intended for instructors with at least six weeks of experience on the instructional floor and have completed basic instructor training.

As with the previous construct courses, these will have both an online component as well as a comprehensive resource document meant to be facilitated by Center leadership. The resource documents will provide key talking points to use with your staff as you improve their instructional practice.

As a reminder, the following are actionable items as you prepare to implement these training courses with your staff:
• Complete the construct modules in their entirety. This includes working through the resource documents.
• Identify consistent times in your own schedule when you can train your instructors individually.
• Target specific members of your instructional team to work through the training.
• Make plans to meet with them at certain points along their path to completion.

In terms of accessibility through the LMS, these courses will be found under “Instructor Level 2”. For existing users who have previously completed the other construct training courses, the addition of these courses will move them from “completed” to “active”. They will then need to work through these new courses for their progress to be marked as “completed” again.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the content or implementation of this program, please reach out to