The Education Department is proud to announce the release of the Geometry Readiness program.  This program was designed in a joint effort with the High School Assessment Strategy team, our staff, and select franchisees representing nearly 20 centers and their feedback stemming from approximately 100 administrations.

The goal of the Geometry Readiness assessment is to provide foundational support for students entering, or in the early stages of, a High School Geometry course.  Geometry Readiness is not meant to be a full replacement of Core 10.  That curriculum project is currently underway and we are looking to provide that to the system in the near future.

The Geometry Readiness Assessment Administration document will provide specifics on the scope and intended audience of the assessment.

The release consists of the Pre-Assessment, supporting curriculum, Answer Keys, and a formula sheet.  Assessment entry is located under “Mathnasium” in both Radius and M2.  The formula sheet can be found under “Business Documents” in Radius and in the Content library on M2.

Please review the Geometry Readiness Administration document carefully for more specifics about the program.  In that document, there is also a deeper look at assessing a Geometry student and how to better identify what assessment to give a student who has already spent some time in a High School Geometry course.

We have already started work on a Post-Assessment and mappings to other assessments.  Soon we will release a vocabulary packet to further support the Geometry Readiness program.  Stay tuned to Mathnasium Matters for further updates on this and other initiatives from the Education Department.

Once you have had the opportunity to administer this assessment several times, we would appreciate your feedback.  Please contact with any feedback you may have.