Following the recent release of the new Geometry Readiness Assessment and curriculum, we want to take this opportunity to announce several new updates from the Education Department.

Extension Assessments:

Extension Assessments are now available in Radius/M2 to supplement Mathnasium Level Assessments #1-4.  Through these, you will be able to assess students at these levels on Geometry and Data/Statistics.  Please see the “Extension Assessments Administration Directions” document for more information on how to implement these assessments in your centers.  We are working toward creating Extension Assessments for Levels 5-7 and these will be available in the near future.

Geometry Readiness Post-Assessment:

The Geometry Readiness Post-Assessment is now available in both M2 and Radius.

Geometry Readiness Vocabulary Resource Focus On:

To further support the Geometry Readiness program, we have created a 16-page “Geometry Readiness Vocabulary Resource” (FO 2100) to supplement a student’s Learning Plan.  Here, they can explore basic vocabulary terms and the foundations of Geometry.  The recommendation for this Focus On is to place it as the first item in the Workout Book section of their binder.  The last two pages of this FO are vocabulary terms that can be separated and placed in the front flap of a student’s binder for reference.  This FO is available to be added to a student’s Learning Plan.

Algebra Workout Book:

The new Algebra Workout Book has now been released.  This WOB can be used with students where you previously would have assigned WOB 5a/b.

Workout Book 2 Re-release:

We have made slight changes in problem selection and have increased the rigor of the data and statistics problems. The WOB has been redesigned with new graphics and improved page layout. It includes a new tablet-compatible answer key, and all chapters have been thoroughly reviewed and revised for errors.

Test Prep Assessment Update:

The ISEE Middle Assessment has Radius/M2 entry, so users may generate a chart and a Learning Plan. In the coming weeks, the SAT Basic/Advanced, ACT, and ISEE Middle assessments will be remapped to material from recent curriculum releases as applicable. Stay tuned to the blog for more information on those updates.

New Curriculum Development:

Our curriculum team is working very hard to bring two major curriculum projects to the system starting in early 2018. The first is a formal Geometry assessment. Where the Geometry Readiness assessment targets foundational skills, the Geometry assessment/curriculum will explore critical skills specific to a High School Geometry course. This curriculum project will bring about the full replacement of Core 10.

The HMM replacement project is also underway.  We will be releasing new HMM assessments to the system in phases as they are completed and immediately retiring any existing HMM material it replaces.  This series will explore Algebra II and above topics in a less modular format, which will allow for both foundation building and targeting critical skills specific to what they will encounter in the classroom.

Retirement of Core 9:

The release of Algebra I A/B earlier this year brings with it the upcoming retirement of Core 9 and its associated material on March 1, 2018.  As we have done with other previously retired assessments, we will evaluate all Core 9 Prescriptives to determine which will be still available in the content library.  Steps should be taken for students to be transitioned off Core 9 Learning Plans and be Post-Assessed.