Now that we are through the migration phase of the Radius development, we have shifted our focus to delivering new capabilities that are geared to improve functionality that existed in M2. To ensure success for these new capabilities, we are adapting our development, testing, and release processes.  These releases must include new levels of internal testing, an expanded role for franchisee testing, and development of training resources to accompany the rollout of the new capability.

The first of these new capabilities will be Progress Checks, the replacement for M2’s Partial Post Assessments. We realize that our previous goals for release (December and January) have been missed, and we truly apologize.  This delay has been primarily caused by our commitment to franchisee testing to ensure that the product is more robust.  At this time, Progress Checks have completed development, have passed internal testing, have been demonstrated to the field support team, and are now in the hands of the franchisee testing group. Pending the feedback from this test group, we are optimistic that we will be able to release Progress Checks to the system by the end of February. We are also developing a tutorial video for release alongside the Progress Check module itself.

Once Progress Checks are released by late February to franchise partners in the United States, they are scheduled to be released to our Canadian franchise partners in late March.  The delay in the release to our Canadian franchise partners is due to the need for further testing of Canadian curriculum.  The release of Progress Checks for all other International centers is still being evaluated.

We know everyone is eager to try out the new system, so we are looking forward to sharing it with you all very soon!