Dear Franchisees,

Late this spring, we will release a new social media platform and microsystem that will enable you to more easily post ongoing social media content and maximize the effectiveness of your social media channels. The platform is currently in pilot mode, and there will be more news on it along with the corresponding microsystem early in the second quarter. But in the meantime, as we ramp up the release of blog articles on the Number Sense blog, we’d like to provide the following guidance on how to utilize these articles.

The blog articles we are making are intended for your immediate use, but when posting them, it’s important to follow best practices for the sake of better SEO (search engine optimization). Here are some guidelines to follow now to make the most out of the new blog content:

  1. Keep an eye on the Mathnasium Facebook channel and the Number Sense Blog. There is already new content to be shared there, and more will be posted each week.
  2. Share the blog content on your channels, adding your own perspective and commentary. When sharing an article from the Number Sense blog on your own News page, write your own one/two-sentence perspective on the piece and then link to the original article. In your post, you can engage readers by asking for their response on a question, sharing a key learning from the post in your own words, or highlighting your favorite sentence.
  3. Never copy and paste (or “scrape”) entire articles or blog posts to your own site. Straight copies of content can negatively impact our greater website’s Search Engine Optimization (including quality scores for our microsites) which can reduce the number of visitors to your site from search engines. If you want to place an article in-entirety, you should at least revise the title and add introductory content as a lead-in (a sentence or two).  The search engine crawlers that determine SEO scores are less likely to penalize duplicate content when it’s been curated and customized.

Publishing your own original blog posts, along with following these practices on content curation, will help your microsite have greater visibility and position your center as a local authority in math education for children.

Here’s an example of how one might share a Number Sense blog post on their News page. Notice that only the second paragraph is from the original blog article. The rest is written by the Center Director/Owner:

—[Begin Example]—

This Inspiring Woman in History Can Inspire Girls in STEM

Hi, this is Jenny, Center Director here at Mathnasium of Munchkinland. As a girl I often found inspiration in the lives of women in math history. The story of Sofia Kovalevskaya is a moving example of a woman who persevered despite the challenges she was presented with during her lifetime. We’re thrilled to share her story of persistence and courage.

“Sofia Kovalevskaya was told at numerous points during her life that she had to stop studying math, that girls weren’t good enough, they weren’t allowed to go to school, or teach classes, edit magazines or win awards. Sofia Kovalevskaya never gave in to the couldn’t’s or wouldn’t’s. She fought time and again for her right to continue learning and teaching, eventually becoming one of the most celebrated mathematicians of her century and the first woman professor of a northern European University.”

Read more about Sofia on the Mathnasium Number Sense blog. Discover how she read algebra texts in secret, wallpapered her room with mathematical equations and lecture notes, and traveled Europe in search of her dream.

Who are some of the people who inspire YOU to chase your dreams?

—[End Example]—

If you have any further questions about this, please feel free to reach out to the Mathnasium Support Team (