We continue working to improve the performance of Radius.  Over the last month, we experienced an outage that lasted ten minutes.  We also experienced several instances where our document server failed to return documents to users.  Additionally, users saw random slowness during peak operating hours. We understand that each of these interruptions have a significant impact on our franchisees, and we continue to strive to improve in this area.

Regarding the outage of Radius, we believe it had to do with a faulty configuration of our AWS web server.  We made changes to Radius, and we are confident that this exact problem will not occur again.  We know there are other issues that can interfere with our web server, and we are constantly monitoring Radius’s up-time.  We have put in place several system monitors that are alerting us of any downtime or slowness in Radius, so that IT is immediately aware and can address the issues in the shortest amount of time.

Our document server was upgraded this past Thursday, February 8th, and we believe this will greatly reduce the likelihood of documents failing to render.  As part of our upgrade process, we doubled the size of the web server and database server in the hope of seeing performance improvements when downloading documents.  Reviewing the performance of document downloads is an ongoing process for us as we try to reach our goal of reducing the file transfer time to a minimum.

We continue to address slowness in all areas of Radius.  As time has passed, we have been able to log and review how users are interacting with Radius so we can strategically address areas that need the greatest performance improvements.  As specific areas of slowness are identified, the Development Team will work to optimize the code and improve the performance.

We are confident that the changes we have made and continue to make in these key areas will improve overall performance. Having addressed these issues, we have improved Radius while also improving our ability to address future issues.  It is impossible to foresee everything that can happen in a new system like Radius; however, we can say that when an issue occurs, we are putting processes in place to prevent the issue from happening again.  We know that you need a system that you can count on at all times.  As Radius matures, it will grow in reliability, and it is our constant goal to get it there as quickly as possible.

On another note, we have a Radius release scheduled for this Thursday, February 15th, and we are excited to share many new updates with everyone.  Pending final testing and approval, we expect to release the following features later this week, as well as a few others:

  • Progress Checks – U.S. ONLY
  • Assessment Report
  • Leads Tracking Report
  • Referral Report
  • Activity Management for Teachers

Since we will be releasing Progress Checks to U.S. centers later this week, we have created a Tutorial Video for you on Mathnasium University that should help set the foundation for what the module will be able to do. To view this video, please click here and then select “Request” to add this video to your MU Transcript or “Assign” to add this video to a staff member’s MU Transcript. Please watch this tutorial video in its entirety, and it will explain the steps you may have to take to prepare your center’s learning plans and assessments for Progress Checks.  Alongside the release of Progress Checks, we will share further training resources to help guide you through the use of the new feature.  We apologize for the delayed release of Progress Checks, but we are very excited to share the new Radius capabilities with you!