Hello Everyone,

We are excited to announce the first Operations Manual release in 2018!

This release focuses on a new section in the Operations Manual titled “Multi-Center Management Guide” as well as the new MU course for Parent Relationships that highlights how to conduct the Initial Enrollment Meeting.

This release also includes updates to multiple microsystems within the Right Materials Success Factor to reflect the Progress Check feature in Radius and updates to SAT/ISEE testing materials (referenced to in the recent Education Department Release on Matters on January 31).

Multi-Center Management Guide:

The Multi-Center Management Guide, which can be found as a new chapter in the Operations Manual, provides guidance and advice to those franchisees seeking to expand to a multi-center operation. The guide focuses on three key areas:

  1. Plan for Multi-Center Management – Provides insight on how the franchisee’s role changes when expanding to multi-center management, as well as outlines the benefits of multi-center management and offers guidance on determining readiness to expand.
  2. Assign Back-Office Roles – Provides guidance on how to centralize key responsibilities and develop back-office roles.
  3. Implement Multi-Center Operations – Provides a comprehensive look at the differences between single-center and multi-center operations across all Success Factors.

Please note that the Multi-Center Management Guide is designed to provide franchisees a clear understanding of the planning and operational challenges of being a successful multi-center owner.

New “Initial Enrollment Meeting” training course now available on Mathnasium University!

This release introduces the new Parent Relationships (“Initial Enrollment Meeting”) Stage 3 training course on Mathnasium University!  This course is designed to provide you with a strong understanding of how to conduct the Initial Enrollment Meeting with parents and includes a live demonstration of a pre- and post-Assessment conversation that highlight the value of the Mathnasium program.

There is also the opportunity to apply the knowledge learned in the course through a case study activity, which is to be reviewed with your respective SUS/FBC upon completion. Center Directors should review the completed case study with their respective Franchise Owner.

This course is a valuable resource for both new franchisees who are just opening a Center, as well as, more experienced Center Directors. You can also use this course to train staff who are transitioning to the AD or CD role.

The previously released courses for Parent Relationships, “Progress Reporting” and “Solicit Parent Feedback”, can be accessed through Stage 3 of The Mathnasium Franchise Owner Curriculum, Legacy Franchise Owner Curriculum, and Center Director Curriculum on Mathnasium University.  The previously released “Parent Relationships Basics” training course can be accessed through Stage 1.

Stay tuned for additional Parent Relationships training courses that are being developed, including a course that covers parent conferencing!

For any questions regarding training course access, please contact support@mathnasium.com. You can also reference the Parent Relationships success factor in the Operations Manual for further details.