The Radius release last Thursday included several new features that we hope you are enjoying. In addition to improvements to reports and overall workflow, the team also released Progress Checks and updates to the email features in Radius.

As mentioned in prior Radius Updates, Progress Checks are the replacement for M2’s Partial Posts. We have designed Progress Checks to work effectively with Mathnasium’s operating model and have implemented major improvements within this design, including the new parent-facing chart, the automatic updates to Learning Plans, and the customizability for the user.

Progress Checks are intended to be used on an as-needed basis and, similar to M2’s Partial Posts, should not be assigned to all your center’s students. Monthly progress should continue to be communicated to Guardians through Progress Report Manager. Significant improvements to monthly Progress Reports are in development and will be released to the system in the near future.

Progress Checks serve as an extra tool to help you evaluate the effectiveness of a student’s active Learning Plan. As with Partial Posts, the following situations are the only ones where Progress Checks are appropriate:

  • Limited Mathnasium enrollment contracts (ex. summer enrollments)
    • To highlight progress and demonstrated learning goals that are not yet met
  • High score on the Pre-Assessment (>70%) and time between Pre and Post is less than two months
    • To avoid overassessment
  • Low score on the Pre-Assessment (<40%)
    • Progress Check at the midpoint of a lengthy Learning Plan
    • To efficiently update to a student’s Learning Plan
    • A full Post-Assessment should still be given at the completion of a student’s Learning Plan

We advise that Progress Checks are administered only once to a student using the criteria listed above at a time you deem appropriate, and they should only be used for a small fraction of your center’s students. To review a more detailed explanation of the proper uses of Progress Checks, please refer to our Progress Check Guide.  We still expect a release of the Canadian version of Progress Checks in late March.

Alongside Progress Checks, we released updates to the Email Template module and the “Send Email” feature. Within the Guardians menu in Radius, a user can select to access the Email Templates module.  Here, users can add a new email template or edit an existing one. When users create a template, they can now insert many of our recently added placeholders in their email template that will automatically fill in information from respective Lead and Account Details pages. In regards to the “Send Email” feature, users now have increased flexibility to choose which Guardians they are emailing and in relation to which of their Students. After choosing the Guardian(s), Student(s), and desired email template, users will see that all applicable placeholders will update to reflect their choices.

We look forward to sharing a brand-new batch of Radius features with you in late March.  Please continue to lean on your FBCs with any questions around the new features that are released.