We have a Radius release scheduled for Thursday, April 19, and we are excited to share new updates with everyone. Pending final testing and approval, we expect to release the following features on Thursday morning:

  • Enrollment Report: A new version of the Enrollment Report will be released with the ability to report on projected as well as historical enrollment trends.
  • Student Attendance Report: A new Summary View of the Student Attendance Report will show you month-over-month attendance data.
  • BCC Radius: The Email to Radius feature allows centers to email Guardians from any email program. By placing a special email address in the BCC field of your email, you can automatically send the email into Radius as an Email Activity on a Guardian.
  • Completed Activities: There will be a new ability to add a Completed Activity as well as view who completed the Activity and when they completed it.
  • Automatic User Deactivation: When an Employee who has Radius User access has an Employment End Date of this upcoming Thursday or earlier, their User access will automatically be deactivated.
  • Adding Lead Students: Ability to add multiple students when creating a lead.
  • LP Manager Filtering: Ability to filter LP Manager by any curriculum type (PKs, FOs, and WOBs).

We will post more details in Thursday’s Radius Release Notes on Matters.