Please review the following Radius Release Notes that highlight the features and fixes that were released this morning.

We also recommend that you check out the newest version of the Radius Guide that was released today! Please make sure that you refer to the Radius Guide to learn how to use some of these new features along with other features in Radius. A few new sections to highlight are the following:

  • Reports > Enrollments (to learn how to use the new Enrollment Report)
  • Emailing > Mass Emailing Using Constant Contact (to learn how to export Guardian information from Radius and import into Constant Contact)


  • Home Page: The Mathnasium logo and “Welcome” message have been removed from the Home page.
  • Radius User Employee Access: For employees who are connected to a user, filling in the Employment End Date and saving will now deactivate the user. If the Employment End Date is April 19th or before, the user will be deactivated immediately.  If the date is in the future, a nightly process will deactivate the user once that date is reached. Also, when the Employment End Date is filled, a pop-up will appear suggesting the user to re-assign the activities of the employee/user who is about to be deactivated. The pop-up contains a link to the Re-Assign Activities module which will open in a new tab when clicked on.
  • BCC Radius: The Email to Radius feature allows centers to email Guardians from any email program. By placing a special email address in the BCC field of your email, you can automatically send the email into Radius as an Email Activity on a Guardian. To use this feature, first make sure the email you are sending emails from matches your center’s email address. Second, make sure the email address you are sending to is a valid Guardian email address of a Guardian in your center. Then, in the BCC field of the email you wish to send, enter “”. When you click send, the email will go to the Guardian’s email address and a copy will go into Radius (usually within an hour). This works for any Guardian whose email address is in the TO or CC fields of your email. Please note, this process will not work for Guardian emails in the BCC field or for Guardians in different centers. The Guardian needs to be in the same center as the center email you are sending from.
  • Enrollment Report: A new version of the Enrollment Report is now available. Please refer to the updated Radius Guide, specifically under the “Enrollments” sub-section of the “Reports” section.
  • Leads Tracking Report: The Leads Tracking Report now contains a new source column for “Digital” and an accompanying Sub-Source column for “UTM Campaign.”  “Digital” has also been added to the Lead Sources filter. The Excel Export will also include these new columns, as well as six additional UTM-related columns.
  • Progress Report Manager: In the Progress Report Manager, the message for the “Submit Current Batch” pop-up has been revised to be more informative.
  • Progress Report Manager: The Current Batch Details screen of Progress Report Manager now lists recently deactivated students, i.e. students who have been inactive for 30 days or less.  These students will now be included as part of the batch of progress reports.
  • Progress Reports: The Progress Report now acknowledges the Mastered checkbox. Mastery eligible LP items will only count as completed if the Mastery box is checked; if it isn’t, and yet has a Completion Date, the progress report will still count it as “In Progress.”  Non-mastery eligible LP items will still be counted as before, i.e. mastered if the Completion Date is filled.  (NOTE: re-added items will appear twice on the progress report, with the deactivated item perpetually counting as “In Progress.”)
  • Inactive Student LP Printing: Students who were enrolled but have become inactive will now be allowed to further print more LP items from any learning plans they might have. Any previously printed items can be re-printed; and up to seven new items can be printed. Enroll the student again to unlock all printing.
  • Holds & Credits: Credits can be created directly from adding a hold; also, credits linked directly to holds can be added or adjusted.
  • Activities: An activity can be added as immediately completed, using a new Completed Date field.  Also, the Completed status in the Activities sub-grid will show name of the user who completed it and the completed date.
  • Leads: While adding a lead, more than one student can now be directly added; also, option to not add a student at all is now available while adding lead.
  • LP Manager Filtering: LP Manager has had two of its checkbox filters removed and replaced with a more intuitive filter that includes options for “Show Incomplete” and “Show Unassigned.”  There is also a new filter to show only certain types of LP items. The “Show Inactive Learning Plan(s)” checkbox is now only available where it is relevant — when viewing all learning plans, not just one. The user also now needs to explicitly press the Search button to initiate a search using the settings of the filters and the checkbox.


  • Inactive Radius Users: Fixed issue where inactive Radius users were still available in the “Assign to:” dropdown for activities.
  • Curriculum Printing: Fixed issue where an apostrophe in a student’s name would not allow printing for that student.
  • Progress Check Printing: Fixed issue where special characters in a student’s name would prevent a progress check from being opened by Adobe readers.
  • Send Email: Fixed issue that inserted a comma between only two names whenever two names were selected in the Send Email feature and used to fill in placeholders in the template, as in “John, and Jane.”
  • Student Roster: Fixed issue in Student Roster where sorting by Sessions Remaining led to an error.
  • LP Manager: New changes made to LP Manager has also fixed the issue where one of the buttons would say “Deactivate LP” while viewing an inactive LP.
  • Deleted Attendance: Fixed issue where deleted attendance records for instructors were showing up on the Attendance Ratio chart.
  • Deleted Attendance: Fixed issue where deleted attendances could still affect the “Last Attendance” data on the Student Management grid.

Please make sure to log out of Radius and log back in to see all changes from this release. If you have any questions, please contact the Mathnasium Support Team (