Larry is off to a great start on his journey to Washington, D.C.! He’s taking the scenic path along Route 66, expecting to find adventure and great stories along the way.

In keeping with our theme of “Success Is The Journey,” Larry will be sharing his journey via postcards that can be found in Radius. We invite you to share your journey of success by keeping up with each of Larry’s postcards along the way and following the instructions to participate.

Right now, Larry and his trusty Beetle, Digit, are on their way to their first stop in Baker, California, where you can find the world’s LARGEST thermometer!

Go to Radius and find our first postcard as well as a fun math activity from the Education Department! Share the math activity with the students in your Center, and share a story of success with Larry via the postcard in Radius. These cards will fuel his excitement and be celebrated at this year’s Convention in D.C.

Be quick to send in your story; the first 100 submissions will receive a surprise reward at this year’s Convention!