Hello Everyone,

This April 2018 Operations Manual release focuses on two new major developments: In-Center Camera Requirements and National Call Tracking & Recording System.

In-Center Security Camera Requirements

We are providing instructions and notification now on the setup of security cameras in all centers.

Due to the child- and family-centric nature of the Mathnasium business, having a security camera system in place is critical for not only the increased safety of your students and families, but also for protecting the overall Mathnasium brand. Recorded video footage can also be used to deter crime and potentially defend against potential allegations should they occur. In addition, the footage can be used as a resource to provide added value and awareness to help you identify areas for improving your Center operations. Because of these reasons, many of our franchisees have already taken steps to add coverage in their Centers.

Every Mathnasium Franchisee must have a security camera system that meets the following minimum requirements:

  • A minimum of 2 cameras must be installed within your Center (with 1 additional camera for each enclosed room including enclosed offices, storage rooms, and hallways).
  • Cameras must be clearly visible to allow for full coverage and monitoring of all activity in the main areas of the Center.
  • Video footage must be recorded during business hours and accessible for a continuous 30-day period.

The decision to implement these new camera requirements was evaluated across several criteria:

  • Franchisee feedback
  • In-center testing: evaluation of camera placement/visibility along with the quality/accessibility of live and recorded video footage.
  • Average cost comparisons (for the camera hardware and any applicable subscription services).
  • Overall technical features and the setup process involved with various types of camera systems.

Action Items:

We expect all franchisee camera systems to conform to these requirements by no later than December 31, 2018, including the following actions:

  • If you do not currently have a security camera system in your Center, you must purchase and setup one that meets our minimum requirements as stated above.
  • If you already have an existing camera system in your Center, then you will need to ensure that it meets our minimum requirements. This may involve upgrading your existing system (i.e. add additional cameras, add recording service, and/or upgrade hard drive memory) or purchasing a completely new system.
  • Plan ahead when evaluating which camera system best suits your needs and Mathnasium’s minimum requirements. We recommend using the “Cloud-based” camera recording systems (i.e. Nest Indoor, Arlo Q, or Amazon Cloud Cam). Review the Operations Manual microsystem “Set Up and Manage Security Cameras” for further details on hardware and video recording subscription costs and guidance on camera setup, as well as details on preferred vendor pricing that is available.
  • We will be measuring compliance directly through Center Visits conducted by our field team (SUS/FBCs).

Note: New Centers are immediately required to purchase and setup a camera system per our minimum requirements prior to Center opening. Resales for new owners must have cameras setup within 1 month from the date when ownership was transferred. This will be verified by the Start-Up Specialist team.


If you have any questions regarding these requirements or the setup of security cameras at your Center, please contact your SUS or FBC. As always, you may also reach out to support@mathnasium.com if you have any additional questions.

National Call Tracking & Recording System Launching Next Week

Starting next week, we will be rolling out the call tracking and recording system, WhatConverts, across all microsites so that all centers can enjoy the benefits of the tool.

For a short tutorial on logging in to WhatConverts and accessing the dashboard, click here.

Key benefits of WhatConverts implementation across all microsites includes:

  • Ability to get more leads from our national media buy as the tool allows national digital advertising spend to be better optimized through seeing which tactics result in phone calls as well as web forms.
  • Ability for local centers to have better visibility into what is driving their call volume and do more of what is working best. When a visitor comes to your microsite from a paid ad, tracking code information (if available) will be captured in WhatConverts along with the call. More on tracking codes is below.
  • Ability for Franchise Owners to coach Center Directors to improve their phone skills by monitoring and providing feedback. This tool can be used to monitor when calls go unanswered or to voicemail as well as how the MATH Model sales flow is being followed. You can also use this to identify overall areas that will allow you to improve your effectiveness of scheduled appointments and use call recordings for discussions with your FBC. See the revised “Engage New Leads: Present the Program Over the Phone” microsystem in the Operations Manual for more on how this can be used as a sales coaching tool.

What to expect:

  • WhatConverts captures tracking data by temporarily swapping out the phone number on your microsite ONLY when someone visits your site from a paid ad. When someone visits the microsite from unpaid sources such as directly typing your URL or doing an organic search, the swap of phone numbers will NOT occur and your regular number will be shown.
  • WhatConverts will display one of two phone numbers that are unique to your Center and will feature the same area code as used in your main Center phone number.
  • The phone numbers used by WhatConverts will continue to be valid and redirect calls to your main Center phone number for the long term; therefore, callers who save the unique, trackable number in their phones will continue to be able to reach your Center.
  • Please contact Mathnasium Support at support@mathnasium.com in the following instances:
    • If you ever change the main phone number listed on your microsite, you need to contact Mathnasium Support as they will change the number to which calls are redirected in WhatConverts (as well as change your number with other relevant online vendors).
    • If the number shown on your website already redirects to another number, you should notify Support so that your unique WhatConverts numbers can redirect to that final destination phone number. Current customers of the SOAR call center should already have this phone call redirection to the call center set up.
  • Next week, you will be sent an activation email from WhatConverts so that you can log in, see your call tracking data, and hear call recordings on demand. You can also set up notifications to be instantly sent to your center email address when a new call has been recorded. Once again, for a short tutorial on logging in to WhatConverts and accessing the dashboard, click here.

Common questions:

Will I still be able to use my vanity phone number that ends in MATH? 

If you use a vanity phone number on your microsite, this will be swapped out by WhatConverts for paid advertising traffic only but organic traffic will still see your vanity number. However, vanity phone numbers aren’t completely necessary on websites, as most of our traffic is from mobile sources where people usually click to call; if on a desktop, they usually have nearby access to a phone. Vanity phone numbers are best when the number needs to be remembered by your leads – like when seeing an outdoor ad or hearing a radio spot. The benefits of using unique trackable phone numbers are greater than using a vanity phone number online.

How do I add tracking codes with my advertising campaigns so that data can be captured by WhatConverts?

You can do this by appending the link to your microsite with a UTM code. A UTM Code is a list of characters that is appended onto the end of a website URL for the purposes of tracking digital marketing. More information about adding UTM codes to your microsite URL has been included in the revised “Be Available: Receive Leads Microsystem in the Operations Manual”.  You can also use this link for a template that helps you append tracking info onto your microsite URL.

Additionally, please watch a quick tutorial video about creating UTM codes by clicking here.

For any questions regarding the in-center cameras and national phone tracking, please contact Mathnasium Support at support@mathnasium.com. Please reference the Operations Manual for further details.