As we prepare for the fun summer months ahead, we have a fantastic, fun project for your students that will also help you generate awareness for your Centers—and for Mathnasium! This great idea and mascot name, “Ace”, comes from Becky McDaniels, Center Owner of Mathnasium of Brandon, Florida. Many thanks, Becky!

Introducing the “Flat Ace Around the World Activity and Social Media Contest”! “Flat Ace” is the Mathnasium equivalent of “Flat Stanley” (from “the Flat Stanley Project”). And just like Flat Stanley, Flat Ace is destined to go on awesome worldwide adventures. He should go wherever Mathnasium students, their families, and friends go. And, of course, pictures of his activities should be featured all over social media and be accompanied by relevant “hashtags.” The goal is to fill the world with Flat Ace, and we’re hoping you’ll take part.

Instructions and creative stencils are packaged together to help you get your artistic juices flowing and to assist you in overseeing this activity. Please have these ready for when your students begin their summer break. The US version and Canadian version of the Activity Packet can be found on Download Depot and on our new repository, Mathnasium Marketing Matrix (US) / Mathnasium Marketing Matrix (CA).

Don’t forget to interact with your traveling students (and their Flat Aces) on your social channels. The more they travel and “tag” you, the more visibility your Center will have.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

We can’t wait to see where your students—and their Flat Aces—appear. It’s going to be an adventurous Mathnasium summer!

—The Mathnasium Marketing Team