Per our announcement last week on Matters, the call tracking and recording tool through WhatConverts is now available across all microsites so that all centers can enjoy the benefits of the tool. 

IMPORTANT: WhatConverts is now functioning across all microsites. You will be receiving an activation email from WhatConverts TOMORROW, MAY 3 so that you can access your WhatConverts dashboard.

TUTORIAL VIDEO: For a short tutorial on logging in to WhatConverts and accessing the dashboard, click here.

A reminder about the tool is below:

Key benefits of WhatConverts implementation across all microsites includes:

  • Optimization of National Digital Advertising Budget: Allows national digital advertising budget to be better optimized through better visibility of the tactics that result in phone calls as well as web forms.
  • Better Visibility of Lead Source: Ability for local centers to have better visibility into what is driving their own call volume and do more of what is working best. When a visitor comes to your microsite from a paid ad, tracking code information (if available) will be captured in WhatConverts along with the call.
  • Coaching Opportunities: Ability for Franchise Owners to coach Center Directors to improve their phone skills by monitoring and providing feedback. This tool can be used to monitor when calls go unanswered or to voicemail as well as how the MATH Model sales flow is being followed. You can also use this to identify overall areas that will allow you to improve your effectiveness of scheduled appointments and use call recordings for discussions with your FBC. If needed, your FBC may also bring call recordings to your attention from time to time to offer advice on sales techniques.  See the revised “Engage New Leads: Present the Program Over the Phone” microsystem in the Operations Manual for more on how this can be used as a sales coaching tool.

What to expect:

  • Different Phone Number on Microsite: WhatConverts captures tracking data by temporarily swapping out the phone number on your microsite ONLY when someone visits your site from a paid ad. When someone visits the microsite from unpaid sources, such as directly typing your URL or doing an organic search, the swap of phone numbers will NOT occur and your regular number will be shown.
  • Same Area Code: WhatConverts will display one of two phone numbers that are unique to your Center and will feature the same area code as used in your main Center phone number.
  • Redirect to Center Phone Number: The phone numbers used by WhatConverts will continue to be valid and redirect calls to your main Center phone number for the long term; therefore, callers who save the unique, trackable number in their phones will continue to be able to reach your Center.
  • Contact Support: Please contact Mathnasium Support at in the following instances:
    • If you ever change the main phone number listed on your microsite.
    • If the number shown on your website already redirects to another number. You only need to do this if you notice a delay in call answer in your WhatConverts recordings compared to when you call your own number directly. Current customers of the SOAR call center should already have this phone call redirection to the call center set up.
    • If you already use a call recording service that has an automated notification for callers that their call is being recorded. You should let our Support team know so that disclaimer is not repeated by WhatConverts.