Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to announce the Operations Manual release for May 2018!

This release focuses on a new Social Media microsystem and introduces a new vendor, Hootsuite, that will make it easier for Centers to access national social media content to increase their presence online. Additionally, this release introduces a brand-new Mathnasium University Course focused on Parent Conferencing. Lastly, we have made several minor edits to our educational microsystems to ensure consistent wording with the recent Education Department Release.

New “Engage in Social Media Marketing” Microsystem Available in the Operations Manual

The Lead Generation section of the Operations Manual now includes a “Develop an Internet Presence: Engage in Social Media Marketing” Microsystem that explains:

  • The difference between paid social media advertising and organic social media content marketing
  • Which social media platforms you should focus on
  • How to develop engaging local content
  • Metrics to use to evaluate your social media initiatives
  • How to access your own Hootsuite account to tap into the ongoing stream of national social media content

As part of this release, we will be launching the new social media platform, Hootsuite, which will allow you to get an automatic feed of content that has been created or curated by the national marketing team and scheduled to be released on Facebook.

The tool has been piloted with about 60 Centers that have been using it since February. Hootsuite will be rolled out to more Centers, starting with the first week of June at about 100 Centers a week until it is available to everyone in the US (Canada to follow at a later date). Centers will receive an activation email from Hootsuite during their specific release week. You will receive more information about this release schedule in the upcoming weeks. If your center’s roll out happens to fall on a week when you are out of town this summer, you can also sign up when you are back in town.

In summary, you can begin using the guidelines for local social media immediately; however, within the next 2 months, you will be sent a Hootsuite activation email to your center email address to opt-into automatic national content for your Facebook page.

For more information on how to use this tool, please refer to our Hootsuite Walkthrough Video via Mathnasium University! You may be prompted to sign in to your MU account before viewing the video.

New “Parent Conferencing” Training Course Now Available on Mathnasium University!

We are excited to announce the release of the “Build Parent Relationships: Parent Conferencing” course on Mathnasium University! This course includes different conference scenarios designed to provide you with the tools and talking points necessary to better communicate with parents.  There is also the opportunity to apply the knowledge learned in this course through a case study activity, which is to be reviewed with your respective SUS/FBC. Center Directors should review the case study with their respective Franchise Owner.

This course is a valuable resource for both new Franchisees who are just opening a Center, as well as, more experienced Center Directors. You can also use this course to train staff who are transitioning to the ACD or CD role.

Stay tuned for an additional Parent Relationships training course being developed that covers the “Mathnasium Care Call”! For any questions regarding training course access, please contact support@mathnasium.com. You can also reference the “Build a Parent Relationship: Conference with Parents” microsystem in the Operations Manual for further details.

Educational Updates:

The Education Department has updated the “Assess Student: Choose an Assessment” and “Assess Student: Administer an Assessment” microsystems in Right Materials Success Factor, as well as, the “Establish Programming: Plan Summer Programs” microsystem under the Management Success Factor with language consistent with the recent Education Release on Matters.

For any questions regarding the various microsystems and MU training course that have been released, please contact Mathnasium Support at support@mathnasium.com. Please reference the Operations Manual for further details.