Please review the following Radius Release Notes that highlight the features and fixes that were released this morning.


  • Membership Settings: In Membership Settings, the names of Custom Membership Types are now editable.
  • Email for Primary Guardian: Email is now a required field for the Primary Guardian of an Account.


  • Payments: Fixed issue where payment would not be “Marked as Paid” if it had an Expected Amount of $0.
  • Progress Check: Fixed issue where Progress Check wouldn’t open in Adobe Reader if it had certain special characters in the student’s name.
  • Send Email: Fixed issue in the Send Email feature where the body of an email would clear when selecting a Guardian.
  • Student Management: Fixed column sorting on the Student Management page.
  • Student Report: Fixed issue in Student Report where sorting the Last LP Update column led to an error.
  • Birthday Report: Changed the sorting of “Birthday” column in Birthday Report to sort by day of month.
  • Email Templates: Fixed issue with the “Program Info and Pricing Follow-Up” email template where the center microsite URL was not being pulled correctly.
  • Lead Details Page: Fixed issue where if a Primary Student was deleted, the Primary Student section of a Lead Details page would not update properly.
  • Attendance Ratio Charts: Fixed issue where an employee’s attendance in a center’s Attendance Ratio Chart would be removed from the chart if the center was disassociated with the employee.
  • Assessment Results: Fixed issue where the “Save” button in Assessment Results could be clicked multiple times before closing, which would then create multiple results.
  • Payments: Fixed issue in Payments where a date range over 40 months would cause Payments to display an extra unnecessary row for the month after the End Date.
  • Assessment Results: Fixed issue for Assessment Results where, if a question is excluded, the Percent Score will now be marked as 0% automatically.
  • Employee Management: Fixed issue in the export from Employee Management where the MU Status column was showing up twice.

Please make sure to log out of Radius and log back in to see all changes from this release. If you have any questions, please contact the Mathnasium Support Team (