As we continue to expand as a company and welcome more franchisees, we plan on providing more quality support to our growing network. The Mathnasium Support Team has implemented various ways to connect more with our franchisees, such as establishing a Support Phone Line and scheduling screen share sessions. In addition to these methods, we aim to better your experience as our educational leaders by increasing the size of our Mathnasium Support Team.

For this reason, we are pleased to announce that we are hiring another Support Specialist. We are proponents of upward mobility within our company, so we are reaching out to you all in the field about this opportunity!

Details of this position can be found on the Mathnasium Careers page under Corporate Opportunities ( Please CLICK HERE for more information about the Mathnasium Support Team, what the Support Specialist position entails, and how to apply. If you have someone who would be interested in this position in Los Angeles, please have them submit a resume and cover letter to

Franchisees who have employees apply for this position will be notified by HQ before any in-person interviews are arranged. Franchisees are typically compensated if their employee is hired.

If you have any specific questions about this position, please reach out to