Dear Franchisees,

We are pleased to announce that Back-to-School marketing materials will be released on the Marketing Matrix within the next two weeks.

During the release of some of our latest creative materials, we communicated that Download Depot was being phased out and that the Mathnasium Marketing Matrix would be the new place to access the latest materials. As discussed in our previous posts on Matters, the Marketing Matrix provides an easier-to-use interface and allows the Marketing Department here at Home Office to see which materials are most useful to you.

As the new Back-to-School materials will only be released on the Marketing Matrix, please make sure you have registered your Marketing Matrix account. For a reminder on how to create a Marketing Matrix account, please see the following video from our Training Department: Marketing Matrix Video.

For all US and Canadian centers: US centers will set up their own account by registering at, and Canadian centers will set up their own account by registering at As a US or Canadian franchisee, please use your email address to register. As a US or Canadian Multi-Center Owner, you can use the email address for any of your centers to create your account. You’ll be sent an email from where you can create your own password.

For international centers: Your access to the Mathnasium Marketing Matrix will be coming soon.