The purpose of this summary is to provide transparency into the general topics of discussion. Conclusions/decisions are not generally made during the meeting and therefore, discussions referenced here will not have conclusions nor imply such.

The meeting was held in Denver, CO on Sunday, April 22. In attendance were franchisees Mo Khalil, Marc Goldberg, Greg Bundens, Rebecca McDaniels, Chris Lee, Barry Fausnaugh, Dan Gehlbach, and Jennifer Krull. In attendance from the Los Angeles team were Peter Markovitz, Shant Assarian, Elizabeth Lyons, Jennifer Nicholls, Mike Steed, and additional various team members on selected topics. The agenda for the meeting and summary points were as follows:


Discussion was held around the current structure in Radius requiring that each student be assessed. Home Office representatives presented the issues and concerns around ensuring best practices and the educational necessity around understanding each child’s needs. Franchisee representatives presented the logistical challenges created during center operations (while children are present) around the accessibility to WOBs in particular, curriculum materials more broadly, and printing on demand for each child. Related topics discussed included:

  1. Speed to print materials on demand
  2. Materials showing up on a learning plan
  3. Communication to parents on what the kids are working on
  4. Whether WOBs should be assigned in learning plans
  5. Assessing each student, either through the Mathnasium assessments or judgmentally in certain cases.


The Home Office team provided the group an update on the internal job board project, including an estimated time of deployment of August.


Franchisees expressed their views on functionality development, specifically recommending accelerating Radius development to more quickly have a comprehensive and integrated management system to maximize operational efficiencies and reduce the number of different systems franchisees currently use. The Home Office team explained the development process and the various business areas that participate in the process. Also discussed was the balance among development speed, quality, and adoption strain.

Franchisees also asked about Mathnasium@Home. A brief update was provided including explanation around 3rd party platform challenges and the exploration of alternative platforms.


Key marketing team members at Home Office provided a general overview on areas of focus:

  1. Pay-per-click and digital advertising.
  2. Regional marketing and participation by franchisees.
  3. Exploration of advertising automation and the tools to facilitate it.
  4. Lead nurturing, hypothetical centralization possibilities.

Also discussed was lead data gathering, tracking via Radius, decision-making based on information gathered.


Home Office provided a brief review of roles & functions that are currently being tested and how evolution in this area is envisioned.